Welcome to Diagonal Walking

Welcome to the website for Diagonal Walking, a fresh approach to both long distance trails and the writing of travel books. I’m Nick Corble, and I recently walked a line slicing through the heart of England. I'm writing a book about the experience and I want you to be part of the process. Whether you have an interest in rambling, hiking, travel, writing - or if you just love reading, or are interested in the state of the nation - I'm inviting you to be part of the journey, not just the walk itself, but also behind the scenes of the writing of a travel book. Through this site you can follow every step as I prepared and walked the route, and then write it up it up and go on to edit and publish the book. Think of it as a democratisation of the process. A re-writing of the rulebook on writing travel books. Try saying that quickly.

There's more on the whys and wherefores of the walk on this site, but more importantly, I'm inviting you to ‘Walk With Me'. This may be virtually, using social and other media, tracking my progress and sharing the challenges as I go.

Or why not 'Talk With Me'? Invite me to give talks, or to be interviewed for media such as radio, the printed press, podcasts or blogs. I'm very open to ideas, so get in touch if anything else occurs to you.

To find out more, start with the introductory video above, or its longer sibling here. You can also subscribe to listen to my podcast feed (which includes interviews with people who have walked with me), or read my blog posts (especially if you want to get more behind the ups and downs of writing a book). Or you can follow me on the various social media platforms listed opposite.

About Me

I published my first book Walking on Water in 2000, describing a trip down the canal system on the eve of the millennium. Since then, I've written over a hundred articles for the national and regional press. Titles I've written for range from The Times to Practical Motorhome. I’ve also written twenty plus books covering canals, fairgrounds, biography, fiction and, importantly, walking. I’ve also been a guest on various BBC TV and radio programmes.

There’s more on me and examples of my work on my author’s website. To get more of a taste on my motivations for creating the world of diagonal walking, click here.