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My Book

I love travel writing, so seeing as writing is what I do when I'm not walking it should come as no big surprise to discover that I am writing a book about the trip. This will hopefully come out some time in 2019, almost certainly both as a paperback and an e-edition.


Follow my footsteps ...

As my previous books have shown, my style is to be light and conversational. As such, the book will be a mix of reflections, the ups and downs of the trip, the challenges faced and the stuff that inevitably happened. All that as well as some conclusions as to what makes the country tick at the moment. The biggest challenges have been selecting and condensing material for the book, while taking the opportunity to pull out and illustrate recurring themes. As such, the book will be different from the blogs, podcasts, films, pictures and posts made along the way which, by their very nature, will be more ‘in the moment’. That is part of what makes Diagonal Walking different – you get to enjoy the experience across many dimensions, and in completely different ways! I follow in the distinguished footsteps of others.

There’s a long and established tradition of British travel writing, from Daniel Defoe’s A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain, through William Cobbett’s Rural Rides, to JB Priestley's English Journey, Paul Theroux’s A Kingdom By The Sea and Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Small Island, to name but a few. Look at Diagonal Walking as a 21st Century approach to a traditional theme, one which harnesses the internet to make the whole process more transparent.


Register Interest

If you would like to register interest in the book, please contact me via the Connect tab. I will make sure those who register interest will get some kind of deal, probably a discounted copy – I can’t say exactly what yet (it will depend upon the publisher), but I will see you right!