What Is An RSS Feed?

You may have noticed the RSS feed tab on the top menu for this website and wondered what it stands for. Wonder no more.


An RSS feed is a way of getting an alert every time I post a new blog. They are particularly useful if you follow a number of blogs (or in fact track any kind of data from a number of online sources). Using an RSS feed allows you to aggregate lots of different sources of data or information into one place.


I like to think of them as a bit like ‘following’ or ‘liking’ a page on social media. By adding a site to an RSS feed, you are sort of becoming a member of that club. The RSS feeder effectively acts as an alert and saves you having to keep going back to sites to see if there’s any updates.


So, how do you make it happen?


Well, basically, you will need an RSS reader, and these depend upon your operating software. Feedly is good for both iOS and Android, whilst Reeder 3 also works for Mac and iOS, and Feeder works for Android, Chrome and iOS. There are plenty out there, just search the usual places, and good luck.


Join the club, and walk diagonally with me!